Delta T Systems Introduces Chiller Monitoring Option

DTS Smart Connect is a process monitoring software service option designed to facilitate remote chiller management and servicing. When equipped with an upgraded, ethernet enabled controller and connected to a local ethernet network, all Delta T Systems chillers are able to upload specified process parameter data to a cloud-based server.

The DTS Smart Connect™ chiller monitoring option from Delta T Systems for its full line of chillers.

The process data can then be retrieved from the cloud by the DTS Smart Connect application. This access makes trouble shooting quick and easy since it provides complete remote diagnosis and support including: 

  • Real time and historical access to all data 
  • Access to active alarms and alarm history 
  • Adjustment to any parameter settings 
  • Program upgrades 

The practical benefits of this first phase product release include faster and higher quality service by fully trained Delta T Systems service technicians, elimination of 3rd party contractors physical plant visits, increased production uptime, and lower service and maintenance costs.

DTS Smart Connect Phase 2 which is planned for the end of 2021 will incorporate additional high-value functionality including: 

  • Chiller health report card 
  • Preventative maintenance suggestions 
  • Data logging 
  • Chiller usage charts 
  • Alarm summaries 

About Delta T Systems
Delta T Systems is an industry leading manufacturer of temperature control systems (TCUs) and Chillers based in Richfield Wisconsin. With over 30 years of industry experience and a team of knowledgeable engineers, the company continues to bring cutting edge technology to the market. Their knowledgeable sales and support staff are available to assist engineers with application questions and standard as well as custom product specification that insure successful installation, operation, and maintenance. For more information, visit