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Reach over 16,560 readers of Chiller & Cooling Best Practices by advertising in the print and digital magazine mailing quarterly. A range of ad options, from Full Page Features to Marketplace ads, are available.

Chiller & Cooling Best Practices Magazine reaches 10,000 print and 7,400 digital magazine readers. These 17,400 readers are dedicated to designing, optimizing and maintaining chiller and cooling tower systems.

The Chiller & Cooling Technology Monthly e-Newsletter reaches an average of 8,900 subscribers. The e-Newsletters are highly engaging, and boast an average Open Rate of 28% and an average Click-Through-Rate of 9% (per open) – remaining significantly above industry averages. Advertisers receive a customized analytics report including the number of recipients, open rate, click-through-rate, and the advertisement’s performance.

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Launched in March 2015, has visitors focused on cooling system optimization projects.In 2023, the site monthly averages were 4,960 unique visitors, 5,810 total visits and 10,430 page views. Market your product lines and application knowledge to mechanical contractors and owners with highvalue banner and boom box ads.

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Chiller & Cooling Best Practices Webinars effectively teach how to optimize cooling systems. The webinars, average 500 registrants. The attendance rate was 44%. Expert speakers educate manufacturing plants, Rep firms, mechanical contractors and engineering firms on Best Practices. Webinar sponsors also present and receive the full contact information of all Webinar registrants.


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Target Audience #1: Energy Teams

Seventy-one percent (71%) of our 16,560 print and digital magazine readers are Energy Team members. Energy Teams, with one representative per plant, are focusing on reducing the kWh consumption of their facilities. Here are some examples of who our readers are:

  • Papermaking Energy Owner - THE P&G Paper Products Co.
  • Global Energy Program Manager - KRAFT Foods
  • Energy & Utilities Coordinator – Michelin
  • Engineer, Shared Services Engineering Group – Boeing
  • Manager – Energy -Saint-Gobain Corporation


Target Audience #2:  System Knowledge and Equipment Providers

Twenty-nine percent (29%) of our 16,560 print and digital magazine readers are energy consultants, utility company account executives, and chiller and cooling system professionals. These readers are chiller and cooling system experts who can advise Energy Managers and execute energy-efficiency projects.

Chiller & Cooling Best Practices, the e-newsletter and its’ web site, are wholly owned by Smith Onandia Communications LLC. The Company is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.