EPA ENERGY STAR Releases Energy Treasure Hunt Guide Book


EPA GuideThe US Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program is providing a new energy management resource, Energy Treasure Hunts: Simple Steps to Finding Energy Savings. This new guide book draws upon the best practices of ENERGY STAR partner organizations that use energy treasure hunts to engage employees in finding low cost energy saving opportunities from behavioral, operational, and maintenance oriented actions. By using internal resources already among a business’ assets, an organization is able to use the Energy Treasure Hunt process to build energy teams and internal processes for managing energy with a focus on continuous improvement.

Prior to the release of this guide book, the Energy Treasure Hunt process was tested with a variety of companies, including small companies and facilities without formal energy programs. All companies reported finding numerous no and low cost savings opportunities with payback periods under 6 months and quick implementation rates. Many of these companies were able to quickly achieve 4 to 10 percent reductions in intensity and substantial savings in energy costs. But most importantly, the companies reported that the process of organizing and executing an Energy Treasure Hunt in combination with the ENERGY STAR Guidelines for Energy Management has created better site energy teams, introduced better management practices, and secured upper management support for the energy program to continue to identify ways to improve performance.


To read this new guide visit www.energystar.gov/treasurehunt. To find complementary resources and tools, visit www.energystar.gov/industry and www.energystar.gov/buildings