ABB Launches Next Generation MicroDrive for HVACR Systems


ABB has introduced its next generation MicroDrive, ACH180, that complies with UL standards, including UL61800-5-1 for drives and UL60335-2-40 for HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) equipment. As the newest addition to ABB’s HVACR drive portfolio, the ACH180 enables expert control of high-efficiency motors, while using a compact design for space savings, lower capital expenditure and easier commissioning.


ABB’s next generation MicroDrive, ACH180, is designed specifically for HVACR equipment.

The ACH180 drive’s design allows operators to run motors based on the HVACR process demands, rather than running them at full speed and reducing output using mechanical controls like throttles or dampers, which greatly reduce energy consumption and CO₂ emissions.

Packed with HVACR-specific features, the ACH180 includes industry-standard Hand/Off/Auto controls, fireman's override for smoke control and four start interlocks for remote troubleshooting, including high static, smoke, freezestat and fire stat. It supports the control of various motor types, including permanent magnet-assisted synchronous reluctance motors like IE5 EC Titanium™ by ABB, permanent magnet motors and conventional induction motors. Further, onboard communication protocols, including BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU, offer compatibility with a wide range of building automation systems or OEM controllers.

The ACH180 is suitable for a wide range of HVACR applications, including air handlers, fan arrays, heat pumps, compressors and pumps. Its operation up to 40C (up to 60C with derate) provides cabinet air conditioning cost savings and will help reduce energy consumption, aligning with increasing regulations around the energy efficiency of air handling equipment.

“Increasing energy efficiency requirements for HVACR systems and buildings compel OEMs, specifying engineers, contractors and building owners to adopt energy-saving strategies, such as the usage of high efficiency motors and drives,” said Louis Hill, ABB Manager of Product Management for HVACR. “The ACH180 offers a perfect solution that minimizes the cost and complexity of using a drive.”


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