CTI Sound Performance Certification Program Under Development


The Cooling Technology Institute is currently exploring the development of a sound performance certification program for both evaporative and air-cooled heat exchanger rejection equipment. A new certification standard, once approved and released, would set forth a program whereby the CTI certifies that a line of heat rejection equipment conforms to the Manufacturer’s published sound pressure level data. As the program is currently envisioned, a prerequisite to participate in the new sound performance certification program is that the Manufacturer’s product line be thermally certified under CTI Standard 201. Thus a product line could have Thermal Certification only, or Thermal plus sound certification, but never sound certification only without Thermal Certification. 

Product types and configurations already addressed in CTI Standard 201 are potential candidates for such a future sound performance certification. The program would apply to mechanical draft (both forced and induced) heat rejection equipment and encompass open-circuit cooling-towers, closed-circuit cooling towers, evaporative refrigerant condensers, and dry fluid coolers. Under such a program, by purchasing a CTI sound certified model, an Owner/Operator would have the assurance that the heat rejection device will achieve the published 1.5- and 15-meter sound pressure levels. 

The new sound performance certification program is currently under development within several CTI Committees. The documents being worked on are CTI STD 204 OM (Operations Manual) and STD 204 RS (Ratings Standard) for the sound certification program. The Test Code for Measurement of Sound from Heat Rejection Equipment, ATC 128, is currently being updated to include air-cooled heat rejection devices. Note that the Thermal Certification Standards are currently available for a nominal change on the CTI Marketplace - STD 201 RS and STD 201 OM as are the associated thermal test codes - ATC-105, ATC-105S, ATC-105DS and ATC-106 (open-circuit and closed-circuit cooling towers, dry coolers, and evaporative refrigerant condensers, respectively).

The CTI would also like to gauge interest in which firms would like to participate in a sound certification program as currently envisioned. 

For more information, visit www.cti.org.

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