Lennox Announces Low GWP Refrigerant Rollout


Lennox, a leading provider of innovative climate solutions, announced the rollout of low global warming potential light commercial and ducted residential HVAC products to meet the 2025 low GWP refrigerant regulations. The transition to low GWP refrigerants represents a positive step for the environment, as it significantly reduces the impact of harmful greenhouse gases. For Lennox, this change aligns with its guiding behavior of sustainability and focus on caring for our communities and planet.


Ahead of the 2025 regulatory shift, Lennox products, such as the Ultimate Comfort System, will transition to the environmentally responsible refrigerant R-454B.


The HVAC products released will be a comprehensive portfolio for the markets and will use the environmentally responsible refrigerant, R-454B, which reduces global warming potential by as much as 78%. With this move, Lennox continues to focus on high-quality, sustainable solutions while reducing energy consumption.

"Lennox is proud to support the adoption of low GWP refrigerants," said Prakash Bedapudi, Chief Technology Officer at Lennox. "By harnessing the power of advanced technologies, we will continue to not only meet industry standards, but also set new benchmarks for sustainability and performance."

For commercial equipment, the full line of commercial rooftop units and ducted split systems will feature R-454B refrigerant, including the award-winning Model L and Enlight families. Refrigerant detection systems engineered to detect and mitigate leaks will be available with Lennox products providing the added flexibility for customers of being indoor or outdoor compliant.

As products transition to meet the regulatory requirement, the need for forward and backwards compatibility increases. Earlier this year, Advanced Distributor Products became the first manufacturer to launch a multi-refrigerant coil designed to help HVAC contractors and distributors transition from R-410A to any low GWP refrigerant. In addition to the coil, ADP also is transitioning air handlers to meet the new refrigerant requirement. Allied Air Enterprises announced at its distributor meeting in April plans for releasing a full line of regulatory compliant residential and commercial equipment. Focused on flexibility, Allied will be simplifying the transition to new refrigerants by having indoor coils and air handlers that are field convertible to R-454B refrigerant. Allied will also have refrigerant detection system kits available allowing compatibility of the existing line of furnaces with the new R-454B systems – ensuring the inventory distributors have on the ground at the end of 2024 can be used into 2025 and beyond.

"With our strong engineering capabilities and dedication to excellence, we are confident in our ability to deliver superior products that meet and exceed customer expectations while advancing our sustainability goals," said Alok Maskara, Chief Executive Officer of Lennox. "This strategic shift underscores the importance we place in protecting our planet's future. By investing in cutting-edge technology and fostering a culture of innovation, we are fulfilling our corporate responsibility and positioning ourselves as leaders in sustainable HVAC solutions."

Lennox remains dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for customers and partners alike, providing support, training and resources to facilitate the adoption of low GWP solutions. Products will roll out for ordering during the remainder of 2024, well ahead of the 2025 regulatory shift, and aligned with customer demand.


About Lennox

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